Cooperatives UK video on coop economy is featuring Ceramics Studio Co-op and it’s members. We are proud to be a part of it among other 7 worker coops and some consumer coops. See if you spot familiar faces, and have a read of the Cooperative Economy report!

There’s a point at which we need to say that enough is enough. People’s working lives are more precarious than ever. Local communities feel out of control. Home ownership is at 1980s levels. A growing split between the have and have nots is dividing Britain.

This report and open data set shows that there are nearly 7,000 organisations across the UK that are trying to reimagine the economy. They are co-operatives, working in everything from dairy to digital, and they are giving people more control over the things that matter to them – their work, homes and local areas. It’s time to reimagine the economy. It’s time to co-operate.


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