About Ceramics Studio Co-op

Ceramics Studio Co-op is an artist-run purpose designed ceramics and sculpture workshop which operates as a  workers cooperative.  The studio is owned and run by the people who work in it and have equal say in what business does. We were set up in response to the lack of ceramics workshops accessible to new makers, and as an attempt to create a space of ethical employment for artists and designers.

Access to ceramics:

We are committed to making the medium available to everyone willing to explore its possibilities. This especially matters with the ongoing closure of ceramics workshops in art and design colleges.

The studio gives access to specialist equipment that is otherwise unavailable or too expensive for individuals to afford.

We believe we can be a route of progression for those who are interested in contemporary ceramics and synthesis of clay sculpture and vessel traditions.

Ethical employment:

The Ceramics Studio Co-op is dedicated to ethical employment practices and supporting artists’ and designers’ practices by creating  jobs.  Our work ethics is inspired by groups like Precarious Workers Brigade and we do not support unpaid labour practices.

Cooperative principles and values:

Ceramics Studio Co-op is a  worker cooperative and something that all cooperatives  have in common is values of self-help, self-responsibility , democracy, equality, equity and solidarity.

All cooperatives also share internationally agreed principles.

Community engagement:

Our decision to set up the Ceramics Studio Co-op comes from our concern for artistic community we are a part of. We believe that this co-operative space can help by bringing the community of ceramics artists and designers together, and the interactions and informal exchange of knowledge would help to foster experimentation and let artists’ designers’ and makers’ practices to grow professionally. We also start with the dedication to make sure our facilities and services can work for mixed media artists who may be interested in exploring ceramics and vessel traditions.

Ceramics Studio Co-op is a part of global co-operative movement. We are members of Co-operatives UK and International Co-operative Alliance and are keen to work and support other co-operatives.


The Ceramics Studio Co-op emerged from Ceramics Studio Bermondsey which was run by Leyla Folwell at V22 Biscuit Factory studios before studios were removed, and Leyla moved to Ettington and set-up WIGWAM Ceramics. Originally it was her dream to make a Ceramics Studio Bermondsey a cooperative which current team dares to realize.

Ceramics Studio Co-op is registered as Ceramics Art Studio LLP in England & Wales.
Registered no: OC393174
Registered office: 17C, Juno Way, New Cross, London, UK SE14 5RW