Ceramics Firing Service

Ceramics firing service is available upon request.  We can fire ceramics for you at various temperatures from earthenware to porcelain as well as decorated bisque, ceramics decals and lustre. All our kilns are electric kilns: we do oxidation firings.

The turnover time depends on how busy the studio is at the moment (1-2 weeks is our average turnover time). We are ready to receive your pieces on the following days:

Tuesday: 6pm till 9pm

Thursday: 10:00am till 1pm

Saturday: 10:30am till 1pm

Holiday Hours:

In August, Late December and Easter break we can be open for limited hours which are usually Tuesdays 2-9pm.

Winter break 2017:

Last deliveries for work fired before Christmas – for collection on 23 December (latest) – 14 December 2017.

We reopen with on 9 January 2018. Happy holidays!

Please contact us in advance to confirm we can help you.

All work needs to be bone dry and ready for firing upon delivery to the studio.
We will require details on the materials used: Clay type, glaze type and their producer(s).

Firing Prices

Firing costs are charged per kiln. The prices vary depending on temperature you need to use.

From £18 for the smallest kiln (32 cm diameter by 22 deep) on the lowest temperature to £86 for biggest kiln (73 cm by 68 cm deep) stoneware temperature.

Where possible we arrange to share kilns to reduce costs and energy use.
Our minimal firing charge is £10.

We apologise, for health and safety reasons we cannot fire anything that would create a vast amount of smoke, i.e clay having significant amount of organic materials inside.

To request a kiln firing please fill out this form.